The TS-CAN1 board is PC-104 CAN interface board equipped by one SJA1000 interface from Technologic Systems Inc.

The board documentation can be found on the TS-CAN1 product pages.

The TS-CAN1 board IO port selection

The TS-CAN1 interface requires two IO regions for each interface card. One is PLD registers and another is CAN controller range.

The first one region address can be specified by LinCAN driver common "io" parameter, the other by TSCAN1 specific "tscanio".

In theory the driver should do automatic probing for card if the autoselect (zero values for irq and io) is specified

insmod /root/can.ko hw=tscan1 baudrate=1000 irq=0 io=0

Other possibility is to specify PLD io base only and leave driver to find irq address from switches and setup and allocate tscanio at the first free location from card supported regions list. The last possibility is to specify all parameters explicitly

insmod /root/can.ko hw=tscan1 baudrate=1000 irq=6 io=0x150 tscanio=0x180

The code should be able to locate multiple cards as well. The automatic setup should look like

insmod /root/can.ko hw=tscan1,tscan1 baudrate=1000,1000 irq=0,0 io=0,0

But I have never tested such setup so there is possibility of some errors in my code. The other option is to specify exactly the whole setup including CAN controller IO region

insmod /root/can.ko hw=tscan1,tscan1 baudrate=1000,1000 irq=6,5 io=0x150,0x158 tscanio=0x180,0x1A0

Generally to select usable values for tscanio you should look at output of

cat /proc/ioports 

and find which regions from values possible for TSCAN1 PLD is available. The tscan1 supported region locations are

{ 0x100, 0x120, 0x180, 0x1A0, 0x200, 0x240, 0x280, 0x320};