QCANalyzer is a tool developed for monitoring of CAN protocol based systems. It supports monitoring and sending of test messages. Also supports CANopen protocol. Tools for browsing and editing EDS files are are included.

The program has been realized by Milos Gajdos in a frame of his diploma thesis work. The thesis document provides description of the analyzer implementation and basic user manual for the program. In year 2012 in another diploma Ivan Fridrich implemented CANopen and trend drawing of CAN messages was reimplemented.

The program is written in C++ language environment, with use of Qt software development toolkit. The analyzer can connect to CAN bus over TCP/IP CPickle protocol with use of VCA based CANblaster daemon or can directly open LinCAN or SocketCAN driver on local system.

Source code checkout and build

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/ortcan/qcanalyzer
cd qcanalyzer/src